African Print Dresses

Katsala Fashion spends significant amount of time in African dressing made with African print textiles. From brilliant African print shirts to classy African print maxi dress or any other that you could think of, you are just a click away from assembling unique colours that will enhance your wardrobe. Our African apparel range incorporate dashiki shirts, African print dress, African maxi skirts, African print dresses, African print tops, African two-piece sets, African maxi dresses, African coats, African jumpsuits and much more. Our African apparel for ladies will make you be in your first class. Most of our prints are pure 100% cotton.

African Print Clothing for Women



You may already be aware with the term ‘African Print’ but however, ironically, most of these fabrics and designs were adapted by African countries from Europeans and Asians. Some of these cotton fabrics are designed and printed in European & Asian countries and then shipped to Africa. In recent times, most African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire have enacted textile industries of international standard printing these fabrics.

Unlike English and other dresses, these fabrics are printed in vibrant colours using wax resins. These fabrics are commonly referred to as: Super Wax, Java, Ankara. These wax-named fabrics have somewhat glossy, stiff, waxy feeling surface even though they are roller printed. What is commonly referred to as Ankara originated in Indonesia as Batik.

PATTERNS INSPIRED BY NATURE: Most African prints designs are inspired by nature: vegetations, floral patterns, animals and landscapes. These patterns—some of which are geometrical, reflect cultures and heritage of most local African communities.

DRESS STYLES: For many years, African print dresses were little know in the west. However, recently, African print dresses, especially women dresses, have made appreciable headway into mainstream fashion in the west—although referred to as ‘ethnic fashion’. Some styles are unique to Africa but however, considerable percentage are Western styles created from African prints. Most of these stylish dresses are breathtaking African print fabrics: Kente, Kitenge, Aso Oke, Dashiki, Kampala.

SHWESHWE FABRICS FROM SOUTH AFRICA: Most of the dresses you are viewing on this page are created from Shweshwe African prints fabrics made in South Africa. Shweshwe fabrics are prestigious and very popular in South Africa and larger parts of Southern Africa. These fabrics are printed using picotage, a pinning fabric printing technique rarely used by contemporary fabric manufacturers due to its complexity and expense.

AFRICAN PRINT DRESSES IN THE WEST MAINSTREAM FASHION: African-inspired fashion, to an appreciable extent, has found its way to West mainstream fashion. African prints like the Shweshwe fabrics produced in South Africa is well sought-after all over the globe. Dresses, skirts, tops, pants and shirts produced from these fabrics are charming and adorable.