African Print Skirts

African print skirts are one certain approach to add colourful African style to your closet this season. Katsala Fashion African-engineered fashion, African print skirts, are certain to give you great compliments any place you go. Regardless of whether you adore the shades of ankara maxi skirts or Shweshwe skirts, you’ll have great range to choose from. Shop our accumulation of African maxi skirts, shorter printed midi skirts, African pencil skirts and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Our African skirts are of high quality from valid ankara African print textures. Our flawless African print ankara maxi skirt is ideal all-season round. Wear your wonderful African print skirt with charming top for champion intrigue. Women looking for skirts: maxi, short, long, denim, pencil, pleated, flare, summer, look no further than pages of Katsala Fashion.



You may as of now know the term ‘African Print’ yet notwithstanding, amusingly, the majority of these textiles and prints were accommodated by African nations from Europeans and Asians. A portion of these cotton textiles are planned and imprinted in European and Asian nations and afterward transported to Africa. Lately, most African nations like Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire have authorized material ventures of universal standard printing these textiles.

In contrast to English and different dresses, these textures are imprinted in energetic hues utilizing wax saps. These textures are normally alluded to as: Super Wax, Java, Ankara. These wax-named textures have to some degree reflexive, solid, waxy inclination surface despite the fact that they are roller printed. What is normally alluded to as ‘Ankara’ started in Indonesia as Batik.

COLOURS AND PATTERNS INSPIRED BY NATURE: Most African prints plans are nature-inspired: vegetations, botanical examples, creatures and scenes. These examples—some of which are geometrical, reflect societies and legacy of most nearby African people group.

SKIRTS STYLES: For a long time, African print dresses (skirts) were little know in the west. In any case, as of late, African print dresses, particularly ladies skirts, have made obvious progress into standard style in the west—in spite of the fact that alluded to as ‘ethnic design’. A few styles are one of a kind to Africa yet be that as it may, impressive rate are Western styles made from African prints. The greater part of these snazzy skirts: Flare, broomstick, mini, pleated, maxi, long, a-line, gown, ball gown, wrap, pencil, high waisted, are amazing African print textures: Kente, Kitenge, Aso Oke, Dashiki, Kampala.

SHWESHWE AFRICAN PRINT SKIRTS: The majority of the dresses you are seeing on this page are made from Shweshwe African prints textures made in South Africa. Shweshwe textures are esteemed and prominent in South Africa and bigger pieces of Southern Africa. These textures are printed utilizing picotage, a sticking texture printing method once in a while utilized by contemporary texture makers because of its unpredictability and cost.

AFRICAN PRINT SKIRTS IN THE WEST MAINSTREAM FASHION: African-motivated design, to an obvious degree, has discovered its approach to West standard style. African prints like the Shweshwe textures created in South Africa is all around looked for everywhere throughout the globe. Dresses, skirts, tops, jeans and shirts delivered from these textures are enchanting and lovable.