Men’s Leather Wallets

Each leather wallet is carefully assembled utilizing the best-chosen tanned African leather, hand-coloured and hand waxed to a sublime completion. This leather looks amazingly delightful as well as is hard-wearing to stand the trial of time. Every men’s wallet is hand-cut and sewn with fastidious detail, the corners are reinforced to abstain from tearing and to accomplish rich quality. You will be astounded and pleased with the stitching, which is structured to give the wallet a gorgeous look. Most of our wallets are slim and easy to fit into pockets. Katsala Fashion have got a big collection of men’s leather wallets to suit each need and event. Regardless of whether you are searching for a complex customary wallet or an extremely chic and contemporary wallet – check our pages. Each leather wallet, Visa wallet, coin holder, ID wallet, Breast wallet, Coin wallet, will serve as a long-term companion.

 Men’s African Leather Wallet and Card Holders



Do you have an accomplice or relative who dependably has an immoderate number of items in his pocket? Well in the match that you do, at that factor you are in all likelihood in the proper market to get them any other wallet. Regardless of whether you’re looking out for exceptional gifts for men or definitely looking for cowhide leather wallets for yourself, you have arrived at the best spot. Our special, cool and stylish wallets make them perfect for presents. From high-quality thin, bi fold, tri fold, travel to phone case and money clips: we have all in our collection. Get yours today for yourself or for a friend or household member. Our cowhide wallets are slim, stage case that can be utilized to deliver such close-to-home matters as money, mastercards, and distinguishing proof reports (driver’s permit or license, recognizable proof or ID card, membership card, and so forth.), photos, tour pass, present vouchers, business cards and different paper or protected cards. Katsala Fashion wallets are commonly made of real leather, and they are usually pocket-sized and continuously foldable.

LEATHER TANNING: The way toward treating skins and covers of creatures to supply calfskin leather is done utilising traditional technique. Treating leather into cowhide consists of a system which continuously adjusts the protein shape of skin, making it step by step solid and less defenseless to deterioration, and furthermore conceivably shading / colouring it. Prior to tanning, the skins are unhaired, degreased, desalted and absorbed water over a time of 6 hours to 2 days. Customarily, tanning utilized tannin, an acidic substance compound from which the tanning manner draws its title (tannin is thusly named after an ancient German phrase for oak or fir trees, from which the compound was once inferred).

All artwork on our leather-based wallets are carefully tooled / etched with the aid of hand by skilled craftsmen to produce a number of patterns and designs.