Our Privacy Policy

Katsala Fashion Limited makes effort to ensure your privacy is protected. This privacy policy document explains how we process and use data we collect on our Website.

What We Collect:

Katsala Fashion Limited collects data at the point of registration i.e. when you register to use katsalafashion.com. We also collect information from your usage of the Website through cookies.

Information We Collect:

  • Mailing address
    • E-mail 
    • Telephone number 
    • Customer’s shopping preferences collected through cookies 
    • Products review information 
    • Information from monitoring traffic on our Website 
    • Information about participation in our promotions

How We Use Information Collected on Our Website

Katsala Fashion Limited takes privacy of Customers seriously and uses data collected for the purposes of which it is being collected and for those purposes only.

We use contact details for business communication purposes. Communication may be in the form of contacting you through e-mail or phone to resolve issues concerning an order, or to inform you of our latest products.

We may also use your contact details to contact you so that we can hear your opinion about our products and how we’ve served you, and how we may improve our service to serve you better.

Third Party Website

The policy document outlined here applies to katsalafashion.com only and does not, in any way, apply to other websites linked to katsalafashion.com. Katsala Fashion Limited is not responsible for information you submit on such websites.

Data Disclosure

Katsala Fashion Limited uses information collected on our website in a lawful manner in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We do not, and will not sell your details without obtaining your permission.


We comply fully with GDPR regulations and your data will not be used in way that does not honour your permission.

Cookies–Why We Use Them

We use several cookies to/for: improve functionality of the Website, analytical purposes and preferences of our Customers. 

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