Our Story


Katsala Fashion is a fashion brand focusing on clothing for women and men. Our dresses are produced from genuine African prints of high quality. Some are produced from the famous Shweshwe fabrics produced by Da Gama Textiles in South Africa. Our materials are carefully selected and sourced directly from South Africa and therefore quality is guaranteed.  These materials are very much loved and cherished.

Further, Katsala Fashions also supplies and retails handmade leather goods entirely crafted from genuine leather: handbags, shoulder bags, purses, wallets. We work in collaboration with skilled craftsmen to create bespoke leather products, and we have an established large production capability and can deliver endless taste of elegant leather goods. Our leather products are designed and crafted from genuine leather sourced from different parts of West Africa.


We are committed to ensuring our collaborative efforts create strong positive impacts on local businesses in the chain. We aim at creating a sustained business support for our collaborators. Katsala Fashion focuses on much more than just financial transaction; we take every opportunity to maximise the positive impact on the local community.